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How to Support Someone Who Is Grieving During the Holidays

Reading Time: 6 minutes If you have a friend or family member who is grieving during the holidays, it’s important to offer your support in a way that is meaningful and helpful. Here are five specific ways to support someone who is grieving during the holiday season. And, if you’re…...

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A Guide for Coping with Grief at the Holidays

Reading Time: 5 minutes The holidays are traditionally filled with joy and celebration, though for some, it can be a profoundly challenging period, especially if they are coping with the heavy weight of grief....

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Navigating Grief Online

Reading Time: 6 minutes Social media is where we share not only our joy and accomplishments but also our grief and loss. How we mourn and remember our loved ones has evolved to encompass the online spaces we inhabit, where we routinely share pieces of our lives with others. “As…...

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Redefining How We Celebrate Special Days

Reading Time: 4 minutes When the worldwide pandemic happened in 2020, we began to see how people pivoted in order to still celebrate holidays, birthdays, and special occasions within the crushing constraints of mandatory lockdowns and mask-wearing. While much has changed in the years since, including vaccinations, boosters, and the…...

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Navigating Grief During Difficult Times

Reading Time: 4 minutes Everyone grieves differently. When the world was shaped around COVID-19, any type of loss posed a different challenge, with obstacles that were new. We searched at the time for different ways to navigate our grief rather than a “traditional” journey.  Rituals, gatherings, goodbyes, and other ways…...

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Memories Can Be Tricky

Reading Time: 5 minutes Memory is a tricky thing. We remember things we wish we didn’t and things we want to remember we can’t. Anyone else with me? Right now, I remember vividly where I was when the world received word that JFK Jr’s plane was missing and presumed crashed.…...

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